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A 3-layer vapor open housewrap and roof underlayment that is an extermely strong WRB for subroof/underlayment and rainscreen application. It provides superior weather protection for your demanding projects and can cover insulation, plywood, OSB and ext. gypsum-board. It has an actively vapor open, monolithic layer of TEEE film that is extremely waterproof and outperforms perforated/stretched WRBs both in outward drying potential as well as airtightness.

Exterior Use Good for Exterior use.

  • Actively vapor open TEEE film membrane
  • Very watertight, resists 33 ft of water column
  • High vapor permeability (38 perms per ASTM E96) Sd-value 0.05m (DIN 12572)
  • Microfiber mesh assures high tear resistance
  • High thermo-stability
  • Suitable as temporary roofing
  • Air permeance per ASTM E2178 0.00004cfm/ft2
  • Class A material per ASTM E84 test (0 FS, 85 SDI)

  • Roll width: 59" (1.5m)
  • Roll length: 164' (50m)
  • Roll area: 807SF (75m2)

    Reference downloads
    SOLITEX MENTO 1000 specifications (PDF)
    SOLITEX MENTO roof underlayment system (PDF)
    SOLITEX MENTO 1000 wall WRB installation guide (PDF)

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